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Boll Weevil Management

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Denise Clanton


P.O. Box 5207
Mississippi State, MS 39762


Telephone: 662.325.8147
Fax: 662.325.0397

Under provisions of the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Act, the Bureau assists with the maintenance/containment of the eradication of the boll weevil from Mississippi.

Current Status
In 2012, the assessment fee for Mississippi was $1.00 per acre. A one-time payment was due to the Bureau on or before August 1st.

In 1997, two regions of Mississippi's cotton growers began participating in the boll weevil eradication program. By 1999, all five regions had joined together to eliminate the boll weevil from Mississippi's cotton fields. In 2009, the success of the program was evident when the boll weevil was declared eradicated from Mississippi. The boll weevil program removed region boundaries and became a statewide program in 2010 to continue ensuring Mississippi remains boll weevil free.