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Worker Protection Standard

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The Worker Protection Standard, commonly referred to as WPS, is a federal program mandated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and is administered in Mississippi by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce through the Bureau of Plant Industry.

WPS covers pesticides that are used in the production of agricultural plants on farms, nurseries and greenhouses, and in forests. It requires that individuals that own or manage agricultural enterprises take steps to reduce the risk of pesticide-related illness and injury to agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. Owners and managers of farms, nurseries, greenhouses and forest land are responsible for the safety of employees that handle or apply pesticides and employees that perform tasks related to the maintenance, cultivation and harvesting of plants.

The Bureau assists producers, agricultural workers and pesticide handlers in meeting compliance requirements for WPS.

WPS Reference Guides
» EPA Quick Reference Guide
» WPS Compliance in Mississippi

WPS How to Comply Manuals
» 01.  How to Comply with the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides

WPS Training Guides
» 02. Protect Yourself From Pesticides Guide for Agricultural Workers
» 03. Protect Yourself From Pesticides Guide for Pesticide Handlers
» 04. Protect Yourself From Pesticides Guide for Ag Handlers - Spanish

WPS Fact Sheets
» 05. About Eyeflush Requirements
» 06. Closed Systems
» 07. Definition of a Pesticide Handler
» 08. Does the WPS Require Growers to Protect Themselves
» 09. Equipment Safety
» 10. Equipment with Enclosed Cabs
» 11. Information Commercial Handlers Must Provide to Growers
» 12. Information Growers Must Provide to Commercial Handlers
» 13. Monitoring and Special Instructions for Pesticide Handles
» 14. Posted Warning Signs
» 15. Q&As on Central Posting on Large or Noncontiguous Establishments
» 16. Q&As on Information Displayed at a Central Location
» 17. Q&As on Central Posting When the Treated Plant or Soil Has Been Moved or Sold

WPS Additional Resources
» 18. EPA WPS Related Publications
» 19. WPS Quick Reference Guide