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The Bureau of Plant Industry

Plant Pest Programs

John Campbell, Bureau Director


P.O. Box 5207
Mississippi State, MS 39762


Telephone: 662.325.7773
Fax: 662.325.8397

Under the provisions of the Mississippi Plant Act, the Bureau carries out plant pest programs designed to prevent the spread of destructive insects, diseases and other pests when plant material, machinery and carriers are transported. These programs include inspection, certification, quarantine and survey activities.

Information about some pests can be found on the National Agricultural Pest Information System website.

Plant Pest Program Laws / Forms

Nursery and Nursery Dealer Certification (PDF)

Noxious Weeds in Mississippi

» Cogongrass
» Boll Weevil Management
» Sweet Potato Weevil
» Phytosanitary Certification
» Brown Garden Snail
» Exotic Pests
» Japanese Beetle
» Pink Bollworm
» Gypsy Moth
» Noxious Weeds
» Imported Fire Ants
» Cooperative Agric. Pest Survey
» Applesnail
» Non-Native Plant Species Permit