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Cooperative Promotions Program


The Cooperative Promotions Fund is designed to assist qualified members of the Make Mine Mississippi Program with marketing and promotional efforts. This is a matching funds reimbursement program, which means that fifty percent of the costs of an eligible marketing activity is shared with a company, up to a predetermined spending cap. A Company is reimbursed AFTER the activity takes place.

The goal of the program is to assist Mississippi companies in a vital and effective way: through providing financial assistance for marketing. This creates sales, which means new jobs for Mississippians. The program is simple and straightforward, but for obvious reasons there is a system of checks and balances built in. This program is strictly for companies that have products that are at least 51% produced, grown, or manufactured in Mississippi. Please note Make Mine Mississippi member companies do not automatically qualify for funding.



» Company applies for funds
» Company receives an allocation approval letter
» Company conducts marketing activity
» Company sends in the claim form and the evaluation form
» Company receives reimbursement within 2-3 weeks

Application Process

Although every member of the Make Mine Mississippi program deserves assistance in marketing, the current budget does not allow it. Therefore, a committee will carefully review each application and allocate funds according to 1) quality of application, 2) product category, and 3) availability of funds. Careful completion of the application is strongly recommended. Your application must include 1) the application form, 2) the guidelines form (signed and dated), and 3) a W-9 form. Please call our staff if assistance is needed in preparing your application. Download the Application and Claim Process instructions.

Funding Level

The total funding level for this program derives from appropriations from the Legislature and is subject to change from year to year. We make every attempt to fund as many companies as possible. If additional funds become available during the year, funds will be reallocated to participating companies. Hopefully, the program will receive additional funding each year, and as the level grows, the cap for each company may grow, or more companies can participate.

Reimbursement Procedure

In order to receive funds, a Company must first complete and submit the application to the address on the next page. The application consists of the application form, the guideline form, and the W-9 form. Applications will be processed every 30 days. If your Company receives an award/allocation, you may then conduct the activities for which you have applied. The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce can not pay for marketing activities taking place before the date of approval/allocation. After Company funds have been spent, you may send in a claim to the Marketing Division, using the claim form provided. The evaluation and the proper documentation to provide proof of activity must accompany the claim. Every effort will be made to reimburse companies within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the claim.

The following are examples of materials that must accompany each claim for reimbursement:

TRADE SHOW: 1) picture of booth space with “Make Mine Mississippi” logo displayed prominently, 2) invoice from show organizer for cost of booth space, 3) copy of cancelled check for payment of booth space, 4) completed claim form, and 5) completed evaluation.

Eligible and Ineligible Expenses






Trade Show Booth Space








Advertisement in Show Directory

Promotional Items



Printing of Brochures & Flyers

Postage, Shipping or Freight



Magazine Advertisements

Design, Set-Up & Consulting Fees



Newspaper Advertisements

Salaries and Administrative Costs



Trade Publication Advertisements

Telephone & Fax Expenses



Television Advertisements

Slotting Fees



Radio Advertisements

Products Less Than 51% Mississippi Made



Internet Banner Advertisements

Web Hosting



Printing of "Make Mine Mississippi" Labels




Printing of "Make Mine Mississippi" Packaging



Other Expenses

If you have a specific request that does not fit into either eligible or ineligible activities, please make a request for clarification in writing. Download the Claim Form and the Evaluation Form.

Program Registration

To register for the Make Mine Mississippi Cooperative Promotions Program, read the Application Instructions, then complete the Application For Cooperative Promotions Program and mail to:

Market Development Division
Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
P.O. Box 1609 / Jackson, MS 39215-1609
Telephone: 601.359.1159 / Fax: 601.354.6001

The Market Development Division, as part of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, creed, political affiliation or marital status.