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Make Mine Mississippi Guidelines & Registration


In order to receive assistance from the “Make Mine Mississippi” Cooperative Promotions Fund; a company must comply with the following guidelines. After reading the guidelines, provide a signature and date at the bottom of the page, indicating you understand and agree to these guidelines.

1. The Company must be an active member of the “Make Mine Mississippi” program, and as such, product(s) must be at least 51% manufactured, processed, and/or grown in Mississippi.

2. Company must apply for funds and receive approval for activities before conducting the activities. No exceptions!

3. All companies using “Make Mine Mississippi” funding for trade show booths shall have the “Make Mine Mississippi” logo clearly identifiable on the booth display during the entire activity. Proof will be required (see Number 7 below).

4. In addition to the use of the logo mentioned above, “Make Mine Mississippi” funds may be used to incorporate the “Make Mine Mississippi” logo into a Company label and/or packaging.

5. Funds may only be used for eligible expenses by eligible companies (not all “Make Mine Mississippi” companies are automatically eligible for funding).

6. If a company uses the funds for a display, the display shall have the Make Mine Mississippi logo permanently incorporated into the display, and the work must be performed by a professional display company.

7. Each company must completely fill out, and return an evaluation form and a claim form provided in this packet. This must be accompanied by proof that the activity took place (Each claim must be accompanied by an invoice, proof of payment, and proof of the activity (photograph of booth space with logo, label with logo, etc…) Reimbursement cannot take place until the claim and evaluation are properly completed and received by the Market Development Division.

8. This is a “matching funds reimbursement” program, which means that the Company must match the funding level of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. For example, a Company must spend $1,000 to receive a $ 500 reimbursement.

A violation of Miss.Code Ann. §69-45-1, et. Seq., and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder are unlawful and legal action may result for such violation.

» Overview and Guidelines Form

To register your company/product with the Make Mine Mississippi Program, complete the Online Registration Form.

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