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The Mississippi 4-H Learning Center & Pete Frierson 4-H Museum

The Mississippi 4-H Learning Center & Pete Frierson 4-H Museum On December 8, 2007 the Mississippi 4-H Learning Center and Pete Frierson 4-H Museum was officially opened to the public.  It can be found in “Small Town Mississippi” on the grounds of the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.  Located at the intersection of I-55 and Lakeland Drive in Jackson, it is easily accessible. Thse concept for the facility began with the celebration in 2002 of the National 4-H Centennial Anniversary.  It opened within three days of the 100th birthday of Mississippi 4-H.

The 4-H Learning Center works in partnership with the Agriculture and Forestry Museum providing educational programs to youth from across Mississippi.  Today’s 4-H program spans the spectrum of educational offerings from the farm to national government to space science.  The long honored slogan of 4-H is “learning by doing” and that is what today’s youth receive through the more than 100 research based and nationally approved curriculums.  Today’s 4-H is for the youth of the farm, the small town, the suburb and the inner-city, and is fully focused on our motto of “Making the Best Better.”

The Pete Frierson Museum and the Learning Center are housed within one facility.  The museum provides a detail display of Mississippi 4-H timeline history from its beginning in 1907 through today. It holds items made by 4-H’ers over this time, plaques and trophies won by 4-H’ers and key items of historical interest.  It holds a library of 4-H individual history in the many record books, club records, and 4-H publications on display at the museum. It displays not only the history of a century, but the hope of a future…one still dedicated to the “hands, heart, head and health” of our children and youth.